Year 1998

Founded by Chairman Mr.Wang

Focus on R & D, manufacturing and innovation of residential water pumps in North America

Year 2004

Move into self built plant

Win the recognition of American manufacturers with high-quality products and services

Year 2009

Plant expansion to meet development needs

Year 2013

Established the United States Office

Set up an American team and leased logistics warehouse to better serve customers directly

Year 2016

Established GP water (Suzhou) Co., Ltd   

March into ecological and environmental protection committing to domestic sewage treatment 

Year 2017

Suzhou Youde Jingzhi Equipment Co., Ltd. was established

Get involved in intelligent equipment

Focus on professional R & D and manufacturing of non-standard intelligent equipment

Year 2018

It has a professional technical team composed of experts

Increasing R & D investment, continuous innovation and continuous improvement

Awarded national intellectual property advantage enterprise

Year 2019

Awarded the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise